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    Exhibition Review


    Ujala Khan, academically an architect, but an artist by profession yet her work bear traces of an architect. Khan’s work is an attempt to trigger past memories of the viewer. Everybody has grey areas in their lives which are left unspoken but to some extent those areas remain deep inside us. As an artist, Khan wished to bring forth those so one can confront his/ her fears related to particular situations. To Khan it is not just about motivating people to face their issues but the imagery questions the viewer to think, decipher what is behind those shapes, .

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    Pakistan Art

    Women, Flowers, Pigeons and I

    Painting women, flora and fauna has fascinated artists since the stone age. Like in many other finds, the ancient caves of Lascaux in France, which date back almost 20,000 years, depict the human desire to portray living creatures and plants. On a similar note, Iqbal Durrani, a passionate painter for decades, has been intrigued with life forms and vegetation. While his expression is pure empathy, the remarkable composition and color give his work a distinguished outlook.

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    Kaf Article

    KARACHI ART FESTIVAL – A National, Cultural, Joyous Event.

    For two delightful days, the Beach Luxury Hotel was filled with interest and activity when the Karachi Art Festival took place on the 7th and the 8th of April. The event brought together artists from all regions of the country, who greeted each other with pleasure and shared their news and views. The Festival had the advantage of spacious grounds and rooms, and a stage set up for the panel speakers and artists. They addressed the audience, before the water flowing past the hotel. Thus the speakers and the audience enjoyed a cool breeze coming from their surroundings.

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