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    Exhibition Review

    Aap Beeti

    The recently solo exhibition of Meher Afroz at Chawkandi Art Gallery was a rare treat for art lovers. With the aid of physical exertion and creative diligence, the artist presents superb work of her thematic artwork. The untitled pieces are an emblem of acrylic and silver/gold leaf on wasli while her graphite on paper is a definite flight to recognition. The similarities visually visible in her work are the delicate and refined strokes that delight the viewers. .

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    Pakistan Art

    An Ode to Motherhood

    Artist Annem Zaidi showcased her work titled “An Ode To Motherhood” in a solo exhibition at Full Circle Gallery in early May. Her work is a depiction of a motherhood journey through the eyes of a visual artist. Through her paintings, she portrays the dichotomy of sorts, between the emotional self and physical self that every expecting mother experiences, as she carries her child from its initial inception to its final beginning into this life.

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    The minimalist Movement

    In the art arena, the concept of minimalism surfaced during the 60s from the dynamic art scene of New York. Here a group of artists were expanding their horizon and exploring self-expression under a different meaning. Their art was no longer restricted by academic teachings and renounced all that was done before. These artists continuously questioned and probed certain conventional boundaries that did not allow moving away from abstract expression.

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