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    Exhibition Review


    A duo exhibition featuring the works of artists Minaa Haroon and Sana Durrani recently took place at Studio Seven at Karachi.
    Haroon had explored the relationship with spaces in her work as she finds them complex and integral to the evolution of human kind. Her work brings out the architectural spaces in the limelight that hint upon their historic relevance and the grandeur they stood for. Through her work, Haroon discovers the tangible and intangible layers of experiences and memories at various levels. The variation of colours and textures depect the inner spaces of the building sand are inspired by the making of wasli, use of colour, multiple perspectives and hierarchal divisions which exists in Mughal miniature paintings.

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    Pakistan Art

    A Dialogue

    A solo exhibition titled “A Dialogue” by artist Adnan Baig was recently unveiled at Ejaz Art Gallery, Lahore. As many as 28 huge calligraphic paintings of were put on display that attracted a huge crowd of art lovers. For the artist, a painting has similarity to a musical symphony that presents multitude poetic expressions to explore within the art platform. Taking inspirations from letters which have their own expression, Baig explores the imagery through abstraction. Overlapping calligraphy with abstract art, he presents each letter having its own music.

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    Banksy Feature

    The Anonymous Banksy

    TBanksy is a pseudonymous England-based graffiti artist, political activist and film director who has managed to become one of the world's most recognized artists while remaining relatively anonymous.
    Staying true to the credos of street art, he has built a celebrated body of work, both permanent and impermanent, that utilizes satire, subversion, dark humor, and irony to create resonant social, political, and humanist messages for the masses on a populous and public level. His style is universally familiar, founded on a signature stencil aesthetic that has elevated him from mere man with a spray can to a highly creative artist in his own right. He is responsible for catapulting guerilla work into the mainstream as a viable form of art.

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